Chairman's Message

When a child enters a school system, it is the beginning of a long journey of the ’self’ and the world around in a gradual but regulated manner. Any attempt to overload the young brain with too much too soon is actually detrimental to natural growth of the child’s brain and mind hat are raw and still not developed fully in a biological sense. On the contrary, process of spirit of enquiry and curiosity in the child before they are awakened. 

That is what is actually afflicting the school education system in the country today what with public schools vying with each other in producing a smart new generation of child prodigies. 

This is a lop-sided approach to developing balanced minds in their formative years. A heavy emphasis on competitive performance in the board exams is leading to generation of high stress levels among children. The yardstick of a child’s learning level is the percentage scores in the board exams, which is not a wholly valid measure. Most of times, much of it may not be based on a fair assessment of real merit, which in itself is a difficult concept to define. 

The greatest casualty of this excessive focus on academic performance has been an utter neglect of embedding human values in a child’s belief system. 

Today’s generation of students is a victim of a school system, which has not contributed adequately to making them good human beings.

I, with my team at Step by Step, pray to the almighty for the bright future of our children at all times.